The Chocolate

The names might be playful, but these dark chocolate gems are serious business.

Rich and fruity, smooth and luscious. This is what chocolate should taste like. 

Current Flavors

Salty Jill subtle and strong with decided saltiness

63% dark chocolate featuring Norwegian Sea Salt

Good Godfrey an elevated version of your fav pb cup

63% dark chocolate with creamy peanut butter

Blushing Alysia a classic duet, reimagined

63% dark chocolate with freeze-dried strawberries

Island Girl pairs well with sunshine and an ocean breeze

63% dark chocolate with macadamia nuts and hibiscus

Janberry a little sweet and a little tart

63% dark chocolate with dried cranberries

Caffeinated Moose keeps you running all day long

63% dark chocolate featuring Strigo Coffee beans of Norwalk, CT

Hot Mike a hint of spice with a side of sarcasm

63% dark with candied jalapeños; jalapeños from On The Way Farm, Bethel, CT

Hotter Mike charming, alluring, and full of hot surprises

63% dark with homemade habanero sugar; habaneros from On The Way Farm, Bethel, CT

Monster Mashup scarily sweet and not what you expect

63% dark chocolate with black garlic (Trust me on this one!)

Pitcher Mountain Blues bursting with berry notes

63% dark chocolate with hand gathered wild New Hampshire blueberries

Coco Noah creamy and decadent; meet chocolate's new bff

35% vegan milk chocolate made with coconut milk powder

Great Dain a dark soul with a refined palate

63% dark chocolate

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