I'm partnering with Red Bee Honey to bring you this special gift box that will add decadence to your holiday breakfasts. Whipped Hazelnut Chocolate Spread and Creamed Honey compliment anything from pancakes and waffles, to muffins, plain yogurt and more. 


My Whipped Hazelnut Chocolate Spread is made with real craft chocolate for a superb morning treat. It serves as a divine topping but I prefer it straight off the spoon!


Red Bee's Creamed Spreadable Honey is whipped to a delicate and fine yet smooth texture. Marina says it's delicious on warm toast with butter! All honey will crystallize in time.


Both jars are 4 oz. and nestled in a red box for gift giving.


Chocolate Spread Ingredients: chocolate (cacao beans, maple sugar, cocoa butter, milk powder), hazelnuts, vegetable oil, salt.

Allergen Info: Contains milk and hazelnuts

"Holiday Morning" Breakfast Spreads


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