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From the Bean

Fair Trade Cacao Nibs
Fair Trade Cacao Dripping Off Spatula
Cacao Nibs and Maple Sugar

Three ingredients, that's all that should be going into dark chocolate. As a chocolate maker, I craft my base chocolate from scratch, using only cacao beans, sugar, and cocoa butter (a natural bi-product of the cacao bean). No stabilizers or hidden fillers; I keep my ingredient list short and transparent for a reason. Pure and rich indulgences, my dark chocolate gems are naturally vegan and oh, so good. 

My focus is on flavor. These aren't your average store-bought sweets. I encourage you to notice the nuances of the chocolate on your palate, to linger over one piece. I make micro-batches, at 2-5 pounds each, which ensures utmost quality control and a noticeable difference in creaminess and taste. The flavor of the cacao bean is present in my chocolate, a beautiful quality that's often lost in big brand chocolate bars. I'm currently loving cacao from Ecuador, Tanzania, and Madagascar, which I'm sourcing fair trade

To complement the dark fruit and caramel notes of my cacao, I use local maple sugar as a sweetener. It adds a wonderful flavor without being maple-forward. Don't worry, it's not like tucking into a stack of pancakes! Being from New England, it also just makes sense. I prefer using local ingredients when I can and we have this beautiful resource so close to home!

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