From the Bean

Three ingredients, that's all that should be going into dark chocolate. As a chocolate maker, I craft my chocolate from scratch, using only cacao beans, sugar, and cocoa butter (a natural bi-product of the cacao bean), unlike chocolatiers, who simply melt down pre-made chocolate for their own use and often add stabilizers. This makes my dark gems vegan and oh, so good. 

I make micro-batches, at 2-5 pounds each, which ensures utmost quality control and a noticeable difference in creaminess and taste. The flavor of the cacao fruit is present in my chocolate, a beautiful quality that's lost in commercial output. I'm currently loving the cacao from Costa Esmeraldas in Ecuador, which I'm sourcing fair trade. 

To complement the fruit and caramel notes of my cacao, I use local maple sugar as a sweetener, as compared to most producers who use cane sugar. It adds a wonderful flavor without being maple-forward. 

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