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the source

After leaving a corporate job, I traveled the world to clear my head and found myself working on a cacao farm on the Big Island of Hawaii, getting my hands dirty doing something I loved in a place I loved even more. 


in small batches

My joy is in crafting blissful chocolate creations with a focus on flavor. These dark chocolate gems highlight the nuances of the cacao and are purposefully paired with local and seasonal ingredients from my home in New England as well flavors reminiscent from my travels abroad.

bean to bite

craft chocolate

"Bean to Bite" refers to the chocolate making process in its most raw form. Similar to the "farm to table" concept, bean to bite starts at the source. By opting for fair trade cacao beans from a particular farm or farms, one can get to know the region and terroir on a more intimate level. 

Made to be savored


Craft  Chocolate 


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