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Big Island Hawaii
Hawaiian Cacao Pods
Kuawi Farm, Hawaii

I ditched the corporate life in 2017 and set out following my heart around the world. A woman I met in Iceland filled me in on WWOOFing, a global farm work exchange program. When I made it back to the States I started inquiring with different farms, and a week later I was on a plane, my snorkel fins hanging out of the top of my backpack, and headed toward the Big Island of Hawaii.


Kuaiwi Farm's cash crops are coffee, chocolate, and macadamia nuts, and luckily for me, it wasn't coffee season. With cacao trees growing outside my door, I was in for a full-on chocolate immersion experience. Tasting the pure chocolate, freshly made, was pivotal. It was how chocolate was supposed to taste and I haven't looked back since. 


Devil's Den Preserve
Devil's Den Preserve
Devil's Den Preserve

The name Devil's Den Confections is a nod to my home in the Weston woods. The hiking trails of Devil's Den Preserve are a hop, skip, and a jump away from me, and are the perfect place for long, meditative walks. The Godfrey Trail leads to the remnants of the old sawmill, a reminder that the town is rooted in craftsmanship and hard working traditions. I've found that learning to taste chocolate is much like learning to appreciate the art of walking. One must be present and not just consume absentmindedly. It's a mindset shift to notice and be attentive to your senses and surroundings.



I get to bring happiness into the world through my chocolate and I think that's pretty awesome. I love to tell stories, whether it's through a series of photos or words penned on paper. Travel is soul food, no matter if it's across the world or across town. I enjoy being surrounded by nature; in the woods, mountains or beachside, preferably barefoot in the grass or sand. Cooking for friends and family is deeply satisfying, especially when the meal ends with a bite of my homemade chocolate. I go by the nickname of Monster. 

All of the photography is my own or that of the talented David Hunter. 

Please be kind and don't use the photos without permission

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